Novak Djokovic gives thoughts on Alexander Zverev's Acapulco outburst

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Novak Djokovic gives thoughts on Alexander Zverev's Acapulco outburst

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic didn't want to bash Alexander Zverev for his behavior in Acapulco, saying everyone is flawed and makes mistakes. Zverev absolutely lost his cool during an Acapulco doubles match as he called the chair umpire an "idiot" and smashed his racket on the umpire's chair after the loss.

Shortly after the doubles loss, the Acapulco organizers announced Zverev was disqualified from the singles event, where he made the round-of-16. "I'm sure that the ATP management and officials will look at the video, will probably interview the chair umpire, take some time to decide what they want to decide," Djokovic said, per Tennis Majors.

"I'm never going to encourage ATP disqualifying or fining a player because I'm not in a position to do that. Why would I do that? I agreed with what Sascha stated in his statement. He said, 'I made a mistake. It was not appropriate behavior.

I went too far.' "I support that kind of statement. Everyone is a human being, everyone is flawed and can make mistakes."

Zverev released a statement

Hours after the incident, Zverev took responsibility for his actions and vowed to return better.

"It is difficult to put into words how much I regret my behavior during and after the doubles match yesterday," Zverev wrote. "I have privately apologized to the chair umpire because my outburst towards him was wrong and unacceptable, and I am only disappointed in myself.

It just should not have happened and there is no excuse. I would also like to apologize to my fans, the tournament, and the sport that I love." "As you know, I leave everything on the court. Yesterday, I left too much. I'm going to take the coming days to reflect - on my actions and how I can ensure that it will not happen again. I'm sorry for letting you down."

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