Felix Auger-Aliassime gives his take on Novak Djokovic's vaccine stance

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Felix Auger-Aliassime gives his take on Novak Djokovic's vaccine stance

World No. 9 Felix Auger-Aliassime says Novak Djokovic returning to action this week is good for the game and added he respects the vaccine choice of the Serb. Djokovic, who wasn't allowed to compete at the Australian Open, kicked off his 2022 season this week in Dubai.

Djokovic made the quarterfinal, before suffering a shock loss to qualifier Jiri Vesely. Auger-Aliassime was also supposed to play Dubai but he pulled out of the event after making back-to-back ATP finals in Rotterdam and Marseille.

“I do think it's good for the sport at the end of the day. I mean, he's a great player to watch,” Auger-Aliassime told Eurosport. “And as long as he's playing, it's good for a sport that he steps on the court and competes with all of us.

That is good for the sport."

Auger-Aliassime on Djokovic's vaccine choice

In an interview with the BBC, Djokovic made it clear that he is willing to skip tournaments that require its participants to be fully vaccinated.

Auger-Aliassime acknowledged that Djokovic is aware of what his vaccine stance brings. “As for the vaccination, I think he really explained it well. At the end he is not the only one, everybody's free to do whatever they want and we need to respect that; we for sure know people either in our family sometimes or in our group of friends or circle that are not, they don't want to get the vaccine," Auger-Aliassime added.

“But I think he really accepts what comes with it and I think that's correct. You have to be free in the world to do what you want and accept what comes with it. And for me, that's totally fine”. Djokovic admitted in Dubai that he likely won't be allowed to compete at the Indian Wells Masters. As it stands now, Indian Wells participants will have to show the proof of being fully vaccinated.