Novak Djokovic's favorite vegan dish

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Novak Djokovic's favorite vegan dish

In a recent article published in El Pais, Novak Djokovic's love for the city of Marbella and his gastronomic preferences were discussed in detail. The Serbian champion, as it is known, is vegan and therefore follows a strictly plant-based diet.

The 34-year-old native of Belgrade, in the Spanish city, has an extra-luxury villa built where he spends a lot of time throughout the year. The decision to move there is due to the fact that Marbella is a warm city and this helps Djokovic to become familiar with that particular climate that he finds in practically all tournaments during the course of the tennis season.

The cafeteria of the Spanish tennis club boasts in its menu various dishes such as green products, fruit, spinach, pitahaya, chia, avocado, homemade granola, maple syrup, açai, ginger, almond milk, coconut milk. However, according to one of the employees, Djokovic's favorite dish from the vegan menu is banana cake, which is made without sugar.

The employees of the facility speak very well of Djokovic

The employee of this café, however, admitted that he is a fan of Roger Federer, but acknowledged that Djokovic is the best of all: "I support Federer, even if Novak is the best of all."

Another worker from the Marbella tennis club instead defended Nole on the choice not to get vaccinated: "With the whole question of vaccines, people jumped at him. I don't understand, really. I believe that everyone's freedom must be respected.

Here he can move in complete tranquility," explained those who are in charge of preparing everything in the club. According to this person, the Serbian is a very simple man, very correct, simple and polite as well as humble and hardworking: "He is a perfectly normal boy.

Let's see, he is a tennis player, and you know that when they are alone, tennis players are in his world of him. When he comes to train he is focused, aware of his routine, but when he just takes a walk around here he acts like another club member. He usually comes with his children to play paddle."