'Novak Djokovic accepted the right of the opinion of...', says expert

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'Novak Djokovic accepted the right of the opinion of...', says expert
'Novak Djokovic accepted the right of the opinion of...', says expert (Provided by Tennis World USA)

The recent draw of the Indian Wells Master 1000 draw has reserved a great surprise for all fans, as an unexpected name has appeared: that of Novak Djokovic. The Serbian was included as seeded number 2 and a press release on social media by the tournament organizers justified his presence as follows: “Novak Djokovic is on the registration list for the tournament, and therefore is included in today's draw.

We are currently in communication with his team; however, he has not been determined whether he will participate in the event by obtaining approval from the CDC to enter the country. We will provide updates in the future”.

The former Serbian number one, after being kicked out of Australia, had repeatedly stated that he would be willing to give up the biggest tournaments in the name of his vaccine ideals. His potential presence in Indian Wells has thus sparked a fierce controversy on social media by many tennis fans, who consider Djokovic's behavior and the organization itself to be inconsistent.

The inclusion of Djokovic in the main draw of the first 1000 masters of the year completely split social networks into two factions. There are those who wonder how long this "circus" should go on, there are those who strongly argue that Djokovic must respect the rules that the various states impose without exemptions.

“Why are we still doing this? Novak Djokovic does not meet the guidelines required to enter the United States, so he shouldn't be in the Indian Wells draw. Or of course tennis can make something simple unnecessarily complicated," wrote one user.

Pepe Imaz opens up on Djokovic

In a recent interview with AS.com, Pepe Imaz hailed Novak Djokovic, claiming that the Serb has done everything in his career with "the best intention and desire to help" others. "As I feel and observe him, everything he has done, he has done with the best intention and desire to help and contribute from the status he has in the world of tennis.

He has done it from the heart. Some things have been more successful or less. He is a human being and he learns," said Imaz. "For some, he was wrong and he lived the criticism and received it with acceptance and learning. He thus took them better and digested them.

He accepted the right of the opinion of many people, although sometimes we do it too lightly. The information arrives very blurred and is not very close to reality. Still people dare to throw opinions," added the former Spanish player.

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