Novak Djokovic: 'There is a belief that I was privileged but...'

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Novak Djokovic: 'There is a belief that I was privileged but...'
Novak Djokovic: 'There is a belief that I was privileged but...'

Former World No.1 Justine Henin believes that Novak Djokovic is going through a difficult period and that this has influenced his decision to part ways with his longtime coach Marian Vajda. Last week it was announced that Djokovic and Vajda were separating after 15 years of success.

Djokovic and Vajda first parted ways in 2017 but worked together again in 2018. Djokovic enjoyed great success following Vajda's return to his coaching staff and his decision to once again part ways with Vajda came as a surprise to many.

"He is going through a difficult period. And in difficult times sometimes important decisions have to be made. I think that if there was a turning point in these months, it probably happened during the Olympics. It will have an impact in the coming weeks," Henin told Eurosport.

Djokovic confirmed on his Twitter account that he was indeed parting ways with Vajda and also took a moment to express his thanks to his former coach. "Marian has been by my side in the most important and memorable moments of my career," Djokovic said.

"Together we have accomplished incredible things and I am so grateful for his friendship and dedication over the past 15 years."

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In a recent interview, Novak Djokovic had some harsh words about the way he was treated in Australia ahead of the season's first Grand Slam last month.

"For me, sport has always been above politics. Some think that I politicized this whole situation, that I deliberately wanted to enter the country and attract attention. They think that I entered politics more than sports. But the opposite is true," Djokovic said.

"I left because I am an athlete. I left even when [the Australian Open] is where I recorded my best results. I wanted to respect my colleagues, and that's why I didn't [speak] until it was over." Novak Djokovic made it very clear in the interview that he did not receive any special concessions because of his stature.

"I did everything that was asked of me. I was in a position like any other tennis player. I see that there is a belief that I was privileged and that I received that status because of who I am," Djokovic said. "I will say something that the BBC cut, and I will repeat this like a parrot: Everyone had the same exception." He referred to Renata Voracova and Filip Serdarusic, who had initially been allowed to enter Australia but were later deported just like the Serb.

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