Alex Corretja weighs in on Novak Djokovic's coaching situation

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Alex Corretja weighs in on Novak Djokovic's coaching situation

Former world No. 2 Alex Corretja thinks Novak Djokovic must find a new coach before the French Open. Djokovic stunned the tennis world when he confirmed the news of him and his long-term coach Marian Vajda splitting. "I think these kinds of top players, we see that they all need a super ex-coach or a super ex-player, someone who knows the feeling of being there, and they need someone that they have got a lot of confidence in," Corretja told Eurosport.

"Someone that is doing the dirty job, let's say, Marian [Vajda], he is an ex-coach, an ex-player; he is someone that knows the game very well. It is very uncommon that this kind of profile goes away because usually, they are rotating the other ones, but this one stays there forever, almost.

"Especially with players that last a very long time, but this shows that, in the end, maybe Novak needs some fresh things, and maybe Marian feels that he cannot give it to him. Or maybe Marian feels like, 'okay, I have already given you enough, and I need to rest and I need to think about myself and about my family'"

Corretja: Djokovic needs to make the right decision

In the past, Djokovic worked with tennis legend Boris Becker.

Becker helped Djokovic lift his game to another level and the two enjoyed success together before deciding to split after the 2016 season. Adding a big name to his coaching staff and having success is something with which Djokovic is familiar with.

"Definitely, Novak will need to find someone that is going to be the extension of his hand because that was pretty much what Marian was doing. Marian knows exactly how to react and knows exactly how to deal with the key moments because he knows him very well," Corretja added.

Corretja added he thinks Djokovic has got "three or for more years" so it's very important for him to wisely choose his next coach.