'It may be that it irritates Novak Djokovic', says top analyst

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'It may be that it irritates Novak Djokovic', says top analyst

Former World No.1 Chris Evert believes it is absolutely better for the game to have Novak Djokovic in the biggest tournaments. Djokovic is paying the price of not being vaccinated, as he was not allowed to enter the United States for the Indian Wells and Miami Masters.

Evert is vaccinated but respects Djokovic's decision not to get vaccinated. "Every time Novak Djokovic participates in a tournament, it is better for tennis. It is more exciting for everyone. And the fact that he is one of the few players who can cause problems for Nadal on clay makes me happy that he can play at Roland Garros.

I have always been a big fan of the Big 3 players and their rivalry. I'm curious to see what will happen. I have immense respect for anyone who has his convictions and believes in them to the end. I am a big supporter of the vaccine because I really believe it helps fight the virus and saves lives.

So it's a mixed feeling. I admire and respect Novak because he does what he feels. He is very honest and sincere with what he feels. On the other hand, I am a great defender of the vaccine. All I'm saying is that I'm not judging Novak one way or another," Evert said.

On Wednesday, Djokovic confirmed that he will not participate in Indian Wells and Miami. "Although he was automatically included in the @BNPPARIBASOPEN and @MiamiOpen sweepstakes he knew it would be unlikely that he would be able to travel."

Corretja speaks about Djokovic

Former tennis player and analyst Alex Corretja believes replacing former coach Marian Vajda is a very important decision for Novak Djokovic. "Definitely, Novak will need to find someone that is going to be the extension of his hand because that was pretty much what Marian was doing," Corretja said.

"Marian knows exactly how to react and knows exactly how to deal with the key moments because he knows him very well. Maybe when a new one [coach] comes and goes like, 'no, don't do this' or 'don't do that' or 'just calm down' or whatever, it may be that it irritates Novak.

So, I think he really needs to know exactly what he wants for the next profile of coach to find someone that helps him," he continued. "Because otherwise, he is going to be comparing them with Marian all the time, and that can be a little bit tricky.

I think Novak has still got three, four more years to play at least so it will be very interesting to see who he picks because it is a very important decision."