'Novak Djokovic can approach me for...', says expert

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'Novak Djokovic can approach me for...', says expert

Djordje Djokovic has confirmed that his brother Novak Djokovic is practicing in Belgrade and preparing to play the Monte Carlo Masters. After he was denied entry to the United States for the Indian Wells and Belgrade Masters, Djokovic traveled to Bosnia to visit the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.

After returning from his trip to Bosnia, Djokovic began his preparation for the clay court season. After the French Open, Djokovic will focus on Wimbledon. "Novak is here, training in Belgrade and preparing for Monte Carlo. He has been through a terrible period, but he has endured to the end and has shown why he is who he is.

He was in Dubai and unfortunately lost the quarterfinals there. He lacks the continuity of matches and tournaments, to be on the court. I hope he continues with great matches, and Belgrade and Monte Carlo are tournaments where he is preparing for Roland Garros and Wimbledon.

Until the last moment he didn't know if he was going to be able to play, but luckily he will appear in Paris, Rome, London and Madrid. The ATP doesn't have much say in this as the rules vary from country to country," Djordje Djokovic said on K1's "Kec na jedanaest" show.

After being denied participation in the Australian Open, Djokovic returned to Belgrade and signed up in Dubai. In Dubai, Djokovic reached the quarterfinals before suffering a shock loss to Jiri Vesely. Djokovic was at risk of missing the Monte Carlo Masters and the French Open, but this month France lifted its vaccination mandate.

Imaz opens up on Nole Djokovic

In a recent interview with AS.com, Pepe Imaz hailed Novak Djokovic, claiming that the Serb has done everything in his career with "the best intention and desire to help" others. "As I feel and observe him, everything he has done, he has done with the best intention and desire to help and contribute from the status he has in the world of tennis.

He has done it from the heart. Some things have been more successful or less. He is a human being and he learns," said Imaz. In the same interview, Imaz also opened up about his relationship with Djokovic. He emphasized that despite both of them parting ways in 2018, he still maintains a healthy relationship with the Serb, a bond that has "no schedule." "Yes, it is also a relationship that has no schedule.

It arises when we feel it. When I perceive that I have something to share with him, the door is open and vice versa. He already has an important part of his life in Marbella and that makes us see each other more regularly," mentioned Imaz.