'I do know that Novak Djokovic's beliefs are something that...', says top coach

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'I do know that Novak Djokovic's beliefs are something that...', says top coach

The great charity auction for the 20th anniversary of the Mutua Madrid Open opened this Friday, April 1 at 12:00 a.m., giving all fans and collectors the opportunity to bid on a large collection of objects that are part of the history of tennis.

In close collaboration with Durán Arte y Subastas, the charity auction will be published online from April 1 and will be held on the 20th of the same month with a face-to-face event, which will take place at Durán Arte y Subastas (Calle Goya, 19 -1º) where All lots will be exposed from April 1.

The shoes with which Rafael Nadal played at this year's Australian Open, the rackets of Roger Federer, Garbiñe Muguruza, Novak Djokovic or Maria Sharapova, the clothes of David Ferrer, the title of Andre Agassi champion of the Mutua Madrid Open 2002 , the 20th anniversary painting of the Leonardo Rodríguez-Pastrana Caldarola tournament or the chance to play for an hour with Feliciano López at the Caja Mágica's Manolo Santana Stadium are just some of the jewels of the great 20th anniversary charity auction.

In parallel, the Mutua Madrid Open and Durán Exquse have launched the 20th anniversary bracelet, the benefits of which will be added to those of the auction. The 20th anniversary bracelet can be purchased at the Durán jewelry store on Calle Goya 19 in Madrid as well as on its website (www.duranexquse.com).

During the podcast, Rob Steckley highlighted how he holds Novak Djokovic in the highest regard for staying true to his words and beliefs.

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Canadian tennis coach Rob Steckley recently lauded Novak Djokovic's dedication to his principles, explaining how it takes a great deal of courage for someone, especially in the Serb's position, to go against the tide.

"Nadal and Djokovic are incredible at being able to stay out on the road," Steckley began. "I think they're at a different stage in their career or whatever, they want to accomplish different things. You have Djokovic who is sticking to his beliefs on you know against, what was it, not getting fully vaccinated? I'm definitely not statistically inclined so bear with me, but I do know that his beliefs are something that he believes in and that's what he stands by and it's crazy to think that somebody that's in his position is going to stick to his guns amongst everything that's happening against the world. So he's basically going against it. I find that also incredibly admirable," Steckley added.