Noah Rubin calls for changes: I had conversations with PTPA founder Novak Djokovic

Rubin feels the ATP needs to do more to ensure the lower-ranked players have better rights.

by Dzevad Mesic
Noah Rubin calls for changes: I had conversations with PTPA founder Novak Djokovic

American tennis player Noah Rubin slammed the ATP as he feels they are not doing enough to ensure the lower-ranked players have better rights and prize money. Rubin, who played at a Challenger event in Portugal this week, revealed he had conversations with PTPA founder Novak Djokovic.

Djokovic created the PTPA alongside Vasek Pospisil and the PTPA said their goal is to work collaboratively with the ATP, WTA, Grand Slams, and other tournaments/tennis organizations to facilitate an equitable and sustainable competitive environment for tennis players today, and for generations to come.

It is not a secret that the ATP wasn't happy about the PTPA creation. “ATP and WTA have proven, I’ve obviously been closer with the ATP but they have proven time and time again that you need a lot to move that needle to really push something forward.

You need all these players to come together and you know you have what Vasek and Djokovic were working on I’ve spoken to them a decent amount,” Rubin said, as quoted on Essentially Sports.

Rubin: The ATP does well and they do not care enough about others

This week, Rubin made the Oeiras Challenger quarterfinal as a qualifier.

“Nothing really scares the ATP, you know they are doing okay. The execs there are making their money and the players are playing for nickels and dimes, I mean. I mean, this is definitely a tough tournament. It’s an amazing event here right now and you have Marbella, another one where you have top 10 players playing it.

We’re playing for 100 dollars or 200 dollars, euros, sorry, 200 euros and you know there’s absolutely no care by the ATP to change anything to make tennis more appealing to help the players out so they know that there’s people there,” Rubin added.

“And I’m not saying that there’s not people that don’t care because I’ve worked with players relations people that really do care. I’ve worked with people on the challenger tour that have worked their butts off to make sure that these events are great.

It’s just, sometimes it’s not enough when the guys at the top you know they get what they want."

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