'Novak Djokovic is going to stick to his guns amongst...', says top coach

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'Novak Djokovic is going to stick to his guns amongst...', says top coach

Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner are probably the biggest talents of the Next Generation. The Spaniard and Italian are now close to the Top Ten (Sinner has already broken into it) and Alcaraz reached his first Masters 1000 final at the Miami Open, as did Jannik last year.

The young Italian fared poorly, beaten under blows and strain against Pole Hurkacz, while Carlos, just eighteen, is now the big favorite for victory, and will face Norwegian Casper Ruud. Rafa was defeated after a close match against the Swiss champion and later his great rival Roger Federer.

At that time three sets of five were played, Nadal won the first two sets but then suffered a comeback from his strong rival. If he wins, Alcaraz could be remembered as the youngest player in history to win the Miami Open. The 18-year-old Iberian has surpassed the likes of Novak Djokovic and André Agassi in this classification, while just behind him in this curious classification is Jannik Sinner, who reached the final of the tournament some twelve months ago.

Steckley talks about Djokovic

Canadian tennis coach Rob Steckley recently lauded Novak Djokovic's dedication to his principles, explaining how it takes a great deal of courage for someone, especially in the Serb's position, to go against the tide.

"Nadal and Djokovic are incredible at being able to stay out on the road," Steckley began. "I think they're at a different stage in their career or whatever, they want to accomplish different things."

The Canadian explained that it takes a great deal of courage for Djokovic to stick to his principles, given that his actions always come under scrutiny due to his status in the sport. "You have Djokovic who is sticking to his beliefs on you know against, what was it, not getting fully vaccinated? I'm definitely not statistically inclined so bear with me, but I do know that his beliefs are something that he believes in and that's what he stands by and it's crazy to think that somebody that's in his position is going to stick to his guns amongst everything that's happening against the world.

So he's basically going against it. I find that also incredibly admirable," Steckley added. "I have the utmost respect for him and I think a lot of people questioned that at the beginning but when you really know his story and his beliefs that I think that's what humanity is all about right, that's what he believes in," Rob Steckley said. "And I gained a lot of respect after listening to his story in Australia."