'A lot of people criticized Novak Djokovic because of...', says top coach

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'A lot of people criticized Novak Djokovic because of...', says top coach

Former Slam champion and coach of Carlos Alcaraz, Juan Carlos Ferrero, has played a key role in the growth of the young Iberian talent. The two have a relationship that goes beyond work, but they have also forged a strong emotional bond.

Ferrero did not accompany Alcaraz to Miami this week due to sad news: his father Eduardo passed away last week. Alcaraz did not forget his coach and made a beautiful dedication to him at the end of the match against Kecmanovic.

Before the microphones of "Vamos" Ferrero thanked his pupil and spoke of his extraordinary career in this tournament. Alcaraz is in the final and one step away from becoming the first Spaniard (and the youngest in history) to win the Miami Open.

Ferrero thanked Alcaraz and commented on the dedication he had received: "To be successful in a relationship, even at work, you have to have an ongoing relationship in which friendship and loyalty play an important role.

Carlos is making important efforts this week and I know it's not easy for him, I can only thank him. These days are hard for me, but another thing that makes me sad is leaving him alone in Miami. But he is behaving and driving like a true champion."

Ferrero referred to Alcaraz's management of the points and mental strength, a situation that he also demonstrated in the victory against Hurkacz: "He has worked a lot over the years on this." During the podcast, Rob Steckley highlighted how he holds Novak Djokovic in the highest regard for staying true to his words and beliefs.

Djokovic missed the 2022 Australian Open

Canadian tennis coach Rob Steckley recently lauded Novak Djokovic's dedication to his principles, explaining how it takes a great deal of courage for someone, especially in the Serb's position, to go against the tide.

"You have Djokovic who is sticking to his beliefs on you know against, what was it, not getting fully vaccinated? I'm definitely not statistically inclined so bear with me, but I do know that his beliefs are something that he believes in and that's what he stands by and it's crazy to think that somebody that's in his position is going to stick to his guns amongst everything that's happening against the world.

So he's basically going against it. I find that also incredibly admirable," Steckley added. "I have the utmost respect for him and I think a lot of people questioned that at the beginning but when you really know his story and his beliefs that I think that's what humanity is all about right, that's what he believes in," Rob Steckley said. "And I gained a lot of respect after listening to his story in Australia."