'Novak Djokovic's return is more consistent than...', says TD

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'Novak Djokovic's return is more consistent than...', says TD

Despite the break, Novak Djokovic continues to hold the lead in the standings. Daniil Medvedev lost the title after three weeks and disappointed at the Masters 1000 in Indian Wells and Miami. The Russian fell in the third round in California and lost in the Miami Open quarterfinals to defending champion Hubert Hurkacz.

In addition, Medvedev will have to remain sidelined for at least a month and a half due to the operation he underwent last week. The Muscovite, 26, announced that he will remain in the pits to undergo a small operation to correct a hernia.

Regardless of the results of his rivals and excluding the candidacies of Alexander Zverev and Rafael Nadal, the fate of the number one ranking will be in the hands of Djokovic. The Serbian will have the opportunity to confirm his leadership before the start of Roland Garros by following a clear path; a difficult path but one that is within his reach.

Before getting back on track, Medvedev will lose at least 790 points; Djokovic, on the other hand, will defend 840. To retain first place, therefore, the Serb will have to strive to reach the finals at the Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo, Madrid and Rome and defend the title he won in 2021 in Belgrade.

It won't be easy to get back into the rhythm of the match right away, but the player from Belgrade has accustomed the tennis world to fantastic surprises.

Nole is still the World No.1

Former World No. 4 James Blake was recently asked to combine certain components from past and present players' games to create an "unbeatable player"

The American picked Rafael Nadal's mentality, Novak Djokovic's backhand and return, and Roger Federer's forehand, among other shots. "Backhand I think I gotta go with Djokovic," Blake added. " It is just so rock solid.

Just seems like he can count on that at any moment, pressure moments, not pressure moments. He cann create pace with it, he can hit angles with it, and he does it so well." The Serb was also chosen by Blake for his return game.

The American said that while Andre Agassi was a more powerful returner than Djokovic, he felt the Serb was more consistent. "Return of serve that's a tough one because I feel like there are different categories. There's being able to make enough, there's able to being aggressive with the returns.

So I would probably still say Novak. Earlier I'd say Agassi was the most aggressive returner I ever saw and that was effective but having to make every single one and get in play and get in a good position, think I'm still gonna say Novak," Blake added.