'It is difficult to devise a tactic against Novak Djokovic', says ATP ace

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'It is difficult to devise a tactic against Novak Djokovic', says ATP ace
'It is difficult to devise a tactic against Novak Djokovic', says ATP ace

The multinational Cosentino Group and the Mutua Madrid Open consolidate their association, and have renewed the sponsorship agreement by which the Spanish firm will be the main sponsor of the tournament for another year. In this way, the Mutua Madrid Open will be this edition, in which it celebrates its 20th Anniversary, the most “top” tournament on the ATP circuit.

Cosentino will once again cover the main spaces of the Caja Mágica in Madrid, an avant-garde facility that will host the tournament, with the decorative solutions of its Silestone® and Dekton® brands, as well as carrying out different activities for its clients, partners and employees.

The signing of the extension of the agreement took place today at Cosentino City Madrid, the firm's showroom located in the heart of the city. The meeting was attended by the company from Almería with the presence of Eduardo Cosentino, Global Vice President of Sales of the Cosentino Group and CEO of Cosentino North America, while the tournament was represented by Gerard Tsobanian, CEO and president of the Mutua Madrid Open; and the tournament director, Feliciano López.

During the conversation with ATP, Casper Ruud highlighted how Novak Djokovic's athleticism makes him impenetrable.

Djokovic will play the Serbia Open next week

Casper Ruud recently explained the nuances of Novak Djokovic's tennis, pointing out how the Serb is extremely well-rounded and has a complete game.

"He (the Serb) plays a little bit differently from Rafa," Casper Ruud said. "He plays a little bit further in to the court and the thing with Novak is that his backhand is so pure and so good, that even though many clay-court players like Rafa like to push the backhand of their opponent because it’s tough with the high bounce, with the heaviness, Novak stands against it better than anybody else because he has such good control with his backhand." Ruud believes that the Serb's game is so solid that it is difficult to devise a tactic against him.

"It makes it tough to find any holes in his game and his forehand is no weakness either, so he can produce winners and good defensive shots from both sides all the time," Ruud added. "He has the package where you can’t really rest in any corner of the court when you play against him because either he plays with his backhand and he will push you with it and also with his forehand he can produce great angles and different shots."

Novak Djokovic

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