Novak Djokovic announces team change, reveals exactly why he split with Marian Vajda

Djokovic and Vajda split in early March.

by Dzevad Mesic
Novak Djokovic announces team change, reveals exactly why he split with Marian Vajda

20-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic announced during the on-court trophy presentation in Belgrade that his physiotherapist Miljan Amanovic would no longer be traveling with him. Amanovic is a family man who has three kids, and even though he won't be traveling with Djokovic anymore, he will remain closely associated to the Serb as he will remain a part of the Novak Tennis Centre family.

Djokovic revealed he aims to transform the Novak Tennis Centre into an academy and Djokovic is grateful that Amanovic has accepted to be one of the key people at the Novak Tennis Centre. “Miljan has travelled a lot, he has got three kids.

Also, we have big plans here in the Novak Tennis Centre, we intend to transform it to Academy, and Miljan is one of the key people there. I am delighted that he has accepted that role, he will mean the world to us,” Djokovic stated, as quoted on Tennis Majors.

Djokovic brought Marian Vajda out onto the court

After the Belgrade final ended, Djokovic invited his former coaches and team members Vajda and Gebhard Gritsch out onto the court. Also, Djokovic invited one of his first coaches and the man he considers his "tennis father", Nikola Pilic.

Djokovic and Vajda shared a moment and the Serb revealed why he split with his long-term coach earlier this season. “Marian has travelled a lot as a player, then he coached Dominik Hrbaty and several other players, and then he spent 15 years with me… He is just tired of all the travelling, that is the reason (we split).

I am glad we were able to say a proper goodbye here and that I thanked him in front of people in Belgrade,” commented Djokovic. When asked about the possibility of adding more members to his team, Djokovic said there were no plans to make any additions.

“No, no… It’s Goran (Ivanisevic, tennis coach), Marco (Panichi, fitness coach) and Uli (Badio, physiotherapist)," Djokovic said.

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