Marian Vajda shows Novak Djokovic gratitude and appreciation

Vajda took part in the special ceremony Djokovic held after the Serbia Open final.

by Dzevad Mesic
Marian Vajda shows Novak Djokovic gratitude and appreciation

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic did a wonderful gesture during the on-court trophy ceremony following the Serbia Open final in Belgrade as he gathered those who played a big part in helping him become an all-time great. Djokovic failed to win Belgrade as he was beaten in three sets by Andrey Rublev but still it was a memorable day for him and everyone who took part in the special ceremony held after the Belgrade final.

In early March, Djokovic announced he was splitting from his long-term coach Vajda. Vajda played a major part in making Djokovic a great champion and Djokovic invited him down to the court after the Belgrade final. Djokovic and Vajda shared a moment before both addressed the Belgrade crowd.

Vajda was in great spirits and he thanked Djokovic for giving him a chance to be a coach of such a great champion. "I want to thank you Nole for what you have done for me over the past 15 years, it was a great adventure.

I had a lot of fun... Most of the time (smile ) (...) And finally I thank myself for putting up with this (smile)," Vajda said.

Djokovic on why he split with Vajda

When it was Djokovic's time to address the crowd, he made it clear he and Vajda split on good terms.

“Marian has travelled a lot as a player, then he coached Dominik Hrbaty and several other players, and then he spent 15 years with me… He is just tired of all the travelling, that is the reason (we split). I am glad we were able to say a proper goodbye here and that I thanked him in front of people in Belgrade,” commented Djokovic.

Also, Djokovic revealed he has no plans to make any additions to his team. “No, no… It’s Goran (Ivanisevic, tennis coach), Marco (Panichi, fitness coach) and Uli (Badio, physiotherapist)," Djokovic said.

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