'Although Novak Djokovic is younger than me, I see him as...', says legend

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'Although Novak Djokovic is younger than me, I see him as...', says legend

Tennis pundit Barry Cowan says it's great to hear that Novak Djokovic will be able to compete at Wimbledon as he recognized that there is no tournament that doesn't need Djokovic. On Tuesday, Wimbledon organizers confirmed that unvaccinated people will have no problem entering the UK and competing at the Championships.

Djokovic, a six-time Wimbledon champion, is preparing to fight for a fourth consecutive title at the Cathedral. "I think any tournament needs Djokovic, any tournament needs (Rafael) Nadal, any tournament needs (Roger) Federer, any tournament needs Serena Williams," Cowan told Sky Sports.

"Hopefully we can have a great positive story at Wimbledon with these players. We have seen Novak play some amazing matches in the past and last year, what he achieved again, was remarkable." The requirements set out by the government to enter the UK do not include compulsory vaccination, so although it is of course encouraged, it will not be a condition of entry to compete in the Championships this year," said the executive director of the All England Club, Sally Bolton.

Last year, Wimbledon imposed strict conditions on the participants and also reduced the number of spectators. That will not happen this year. "We plan to return to a normal Championship this year. So we do not intend to apply any of the Covid-19 measures that we saw last year in any substantial way," Bolton added.

"But of course we are keeping it on our radar in case we need to take further action as we continue to collaborate with DCMS, public health officials, and with other sports."

Lazarov opens up on Djokovic

Handball legend Kiril Lazarov has hailed Novak Djokovic as the greatest tennis player in the world.

In an interview with the Telegraf, Lazarov waxed lyrical about Djokovic's famed mental strength and ability to win seemingly lost matches. "Novak was and will always be the greatest for me ... Although he is younger than me, I see him as an idol.

Idols on and off the field. A victorious man who is born once in 1000 years. His mental strength and manner of behavior in important moments and in moments when he loses ... How he knows how to make a turnaround from a lost match, so it is almost impossible.

He has been doing it with ease for years. The biggest!" he said. The geopolitical situation in the world is quite tense now, and its fallout has affected the world of sports too.