Petar Popovic: "Novak Djokovic made a mistake against Carlos Alcaraz, because .."

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Petar Popovic: "Novak Djokovic made a mistake against Carlos Alcaraz, because .."

In a recent interview with L’Equipe, Serbian coach Petar Popovic analyzed the defeat suffered by Novak Djokovic against Carlos Alcaraz in the Mutua Madrid Open 2022. Djokovic showed signs of recovery at the Mutua Madrid Open, losing in the semifinals to a wild Carlos Alcaraz.

In what was the best game of 2022 (at least so far), the Serbian only surrendered to the decisive tiebreak and proved to be on the right track. After coming close to the 'Calendar Grand Slam' last year, the 34-year-old from Belgrade has had to contend with a lot of difficulties at the start of the season.

Due to his choice not to get vaccinated against Coronavirus, the 20-time Grand Slam champion was unable to defend his title at the Australian Open and suffered serious damage to his image. Strict US regulations forced him to skip the Indian Wells and Miami Masters 1000s as well.

The world number 1 has repeatedly reiterated that his great goal is to reach 100% at Roland Garros, where he will be called upon to defend the title won in 2021.

Petar Popovic: "Novak Djokovic made a mistake against Carlos Alcaraz"

Petar analyzed: "Novak Djokovic had a great match, but struggled tremendously to return Carlos Alcaraz's serve.

He should have moved closer to the pitch to prevent the ball from rising too much. Nole is probably the best nerker of all time, but he got his position completely wrong in Saturday's game. He was too far behind and suffered a damn kick from Carlos from the left.

Madrid’s altitude did the rest, forcing him to strike almost at head level. It was not a technical problem, it was a positioning error. I did not understand why Goran Ivanisevic did not suggest him to approach, it was the key to the challenge.

In any case, I believe Djokovic has made significant progress in all aspects of the game. I am more and more convinced that he will arrive at Roland Garros in the best conditions."