Rennae Stubbs: Carlos Alcaraz movement is equivalent to one of prime Novak Djokovic

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Rennae Stubbs: Carlos Alcaraz movement is equivalent to one of prime Novak Djokovic

Australian tennis legend Rennae Stubbs thinks Carlos Alcaraz's game has no weaknesses and she thinks his movement is equivalent to the movement of prime Novak Djokovic. Alcaraz turned 19 last week but he is already a two-time Masters champion and ranked at No.

6 in the world. Alcaraz likes to go to for his shots and his aggressive approach and mindset has been paying off massively in 2022. "His tennis is good enough. He has no weaknesses in his game - zero. I love the fact that he actually goes into the net a tremendous amount to finish points off.

I think that was always going to be the next bastion of a great player. The player who likes to get in, like Tsitsipas - same thing," Stubbs said on the Courtside with Beilinson Tennis show, per Sportskeeda. "But he is better from the back of the court than Tsitsipas is - particularly on the backhand."

Stubbs: Alcaraz's movement reminds me of prime Djokovic

"He moves better than any player on the tour. He is equivalent to Novak when Novak was at his best. He has the splits. He can get out wide. He can explosively move forward and side to side.

Clearly, we will see what he can do at the Grand Slams because he hasnt really done that yet but he is just 19," she said. Alcaraz has proved that he is capable of playing extremely well on hard and clay. Now, the question remains how well he can play on grass.

Alcaraz will play his first grass tournaments as a pro this grass season. "It will be interesting to see him play on grass although Wimbledon is so different to what it was 20 years ago. I mean it is a slow court. It is almost slower than the hard courts that you can play on at times, especially the US Open," Stubbs said."

So, it will be interesting to see him play there bit I think the wins since Miami, have really galvanised him to believe and that is the key."