Carlos Alcaraz reveals what impressed him the most about Novak Djokovic

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Carlos Alcaraz reveals what impressed him the most about Novak Djokovic

World No. 6 Carlos Alcaraz revealed Novak Djokovic's serve was the thing that impressed him the most as he admitted to having a great difficulty reading the Serb's serve during their Madrid meeting. Earlier this month at the Madrid Masters, Alcaraz and Djokovic clashed for the first time.

Alcaraz, who turned 19 that week, survived an absolute thriller versus Djokovic as he beat the Serb 6-7 (5) 7-5 7-6 (5). "Djokovic is not considered a great server, and yet he is the player who gave me the most problems on his serve.

I had a lot of trouble returning him to Madrid, I couldn't not read his service trajectories and that's what impressed me the most," Alcaraz said, per We Love Tennis.

Djokovic showed class after losing to Alcaraz

Losing a match that lasted over three and a half hours wasn't an easy pill to swallow for Djokovic but he showed his class after the match as he congratulated Alcaraz and said the Spaniard deserved to win.

“Well, congrats to him. He held his nerves very well. For somebody of his age to play so maturely and courageously is impressive," Djokovic said. "He deserved to win. I had a lot of chances, and it was a fantastic match.

Great battle. But I am definitely disappointed with not being able to use my chances in the second set. Third set I had a lot of breakpoints. Just, yeah, wasn't able to capitalize when it mattered. He did. Many times I gave him free points there.

His kick and altitude here is huge, and it was just difficult to deal with his ball, and I wasn't feeling my return from that side. He was serving a lot of kick just to put himself in a good position. I just didn't manage to handle that well."

Now, Alcaraz and Djokovic are considered as top favorites for the French Open title. It remains to be seen if Alcaraz can win his first Grand Slam as a teenager.