Novak Djokovic: 'I feel I am always in that contention to fight for...'

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Novak Djokovic: 'I feel I am always in that contention to fight for...'

Tennis in 2022 premiered with the tangled issue involving Novak Djokovic himself. The Serbian champion, after two independent medical commissions granted him a medical exemption, was detained at the border by the competent bodies.

The competent bodies decided to cancel his visa and interrogate him for several hours. The Belgrade man won the first case against Australian justice thanks to the sentence handed down by Melbourne court judge Anthony Kelly.

Only the second Test ended Djokovic's stay in Australia. In fact, the Australian Immigration Minister, Alex Hawke, used his personal power to cancel the visa initially granted to the Serb and used his strong hand. Reading the final sentence issued by the Federal Court and listening to Djokovic's words to the BBC, it was the fear of anti-vaccine sentiment that condemned the Belgrade.

In a later interview, Djokovic took responsibility for his choice and reiterated his momentary wish not to undergo the anti-Covid 19 vaccine. The Serbian's decision has affected his relationship with some historical sponsors.

Automaker Peugeot, which has also ended its association with Roland Garros, has already announced that it will not renew Djokovic's contract. "We are not going to continue with the sponsorship", these are the words of the general director Carlos Tavares.

The position of Djokovic's other main sponsors has not yet come to light. Lacoste, in recent weeks, has published again about the Serbian and has launched his new collection before Roland Garros. Well-known SportKlub journalist Saša Ozmo spoke to him about the issue during the Media Day in Paris.

"Lacoste told us that he has been under a lot of pressure."

Djokovic is the defending champion in Paris

"We talk about favorites for Roland Garros and clay, you know that Nadal always has to be right at the top, because of his records particularly in this tournament," Novak Djokovic said.

Always confident in his own abilities, Novak Djokovic, a 20-time Grand Slam champion, said that he believes he's in contention to defend his title at Roland Garros. "I feel I am always in that contention to fight for any Grand Slam trophy.

I believe in my own abilities to get far and to fight for one of the most prestigious trophies in the world of tennis. As a defending champion, of course, more so, to believe I can do it again. Reliving the memories from last year is something that obviously gives me goosebumps and motivation to try to replicate that," said Djokovic.