Ex-Australian Open boss praises Novak Djokovic for being 'incredibly unselfish'

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Ex-Australian Open boss praises Novak Djokovic for being 'incredibly unselfish'

Former Australian Open tournament director Paul McNamee has praised Novak Djokovic for being "incredibly unselfish" as the thinks the Serb deserves more credit for his integrity. Last week, the ATP sanctioned Wimbledon by removing ranking points from this year's tournament.

Djokovic, who lifted his sixth Wimbledon title last year, is the player most affected by the sanction as he will lose 2,000 points after The Championships. When Djokovic was asked about the ATP sanction on Wimbledon, he said the ATP did the right thing even though it doesn't benefit him.

"Incredibly unselfish by Djokovic, given he is the one who had the most to lose. I think it’s time he started getting credit for his integrity," McNamee tweeted.

Djokovic: Wimbledon made a mistake, the ATP reacted accordingly

Last month, the ATP and WTA warned Wimbledon to expect sanctions following their decision to impose player bans on Russian and Belarusian players.

The ATP and WTA kept their promise as there will be no ranking points awarded at 2022 Wimbledon. “I’m glad that the players got together with ATP and the governing bodies. It shows to the Grand Slams that when there is a mistake - there was from Wimbledon side - that there will be consequences,” Djokovic added.

“Wimbledon is still Wimbledon, it was my dream as a kid, I never looked at it for points or prize-money, but I understand the group of players affected. It’s a lose-lose situation”. Over the weekend, McNamee said the ATP made a tough but correct decision in removing ranking points from The Championships.

"Not easy but I feel ATP did the right thing in taking points away from Wimbledon…it’s fundamental to rankings that tournaments are open to all players. However I do not believe a single player will choose not to come based on this, and I’d be surprised if prize money was reduced," McNamee tweeted last week.

Following his first round victory at the French Open, Djokovic said he still plans to play Wimbledon.