Novak Djokovic's reaction to Labor Party victory in Australia

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Novak Djokovic's reaction to Labor Party victory in Australia

Novak Djokovic, during his Australian stay, was forced to spend several days at the Park Hotel in Melbourne. Pending the decision of the Federal Court, the Serbian has come into contact with the hard life of refugees in Australia.

The Park Hotel has been welcoming migrants waiting for a residence permit for years and refugees who have been waiting for a long time, often for years, to see their immigrant status regularized. Numerous international NGOs, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Save the Children, have denounced the conditions in which people are detained inside the center.

In Australia, after the presidential election, the Labor Party returned to power. Conservative premier Scott Morrison, who became famous for the Djokovic-Australian Open case, is therefore on the verge of giving up his seat to Labor leader Anthony Albanese.

Thanks to the new government, hundreds of refugees will finally be able to leave Melborune. Djokovic commented on the news and expressed his point of view at the press conference.

Djokovic's profound reflection on the life of refugees in Australia

Djokovic explained: "I'm happy for them.

I know their situation is very difficult, especially for the people who have been there for nine years. I spent only one week at the Park Hotel. I can imagine how they have felt over these nine years. They have done nothing wrong.

I don't understand why they have been there for years. If I have turned the spotlight on this situation, I am very happy about it. I am happy that they can leave Melbourne, find better opportunities in other countries and live free.

You can't understand what it means to be deprived of your freedom. I heard the news about the change of government, but I don't know anything about my visa. I would like to go back to Australia and play. . If I had the opportunity to play the Australian Open again, I would for sure.

It is the Grand Slam that I have won several times and I would like to return. We will see how things go."