'I think Novak Djokovic is cracking a little bit', says expert

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'I think Novak Djokovic is cracking a little bit', says expert

"I have lost against a better tennis player than me. I had opportunities and I didn't take advantage of them, nothing to say. I give my most sincere congratulations to Rafa. He played better than me in the important moments, he started strong and went 6-2; 3-0.

I reacted and managed to win the second set, but then Nadal took his tennis to a higher level, I had my chances but I didn't take them. The match could have gone either way, but he showed why he is a great champion and he finished the match great.

Congratulations to him and his team." In his press conference, Novak Djokovic paid tribute to Rafael Nadal's great performance with sincerity and admiration. The Mallorcan defeated Djokovic for the 29th time in his career and will face Alexander Zverev in the semifinals of the Friday.

Taking into account the title he won last year in Paris and the loss against Nadal in the quarterfinals, Djokovic will lose the top position in the ATP rankings in June. It is impossible not to mention what happened to the Serb in 2022.

First of all, Djokovic was unable to defend the 2000 points he earned in Australia last season due to the cancellation of his visa by Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke. The Serbian will also not be able to confirm in the ranking the success he achieved on the pitch of the All England Club against Matteo Berrettini.

In fact, the ATP has chosen to penalize the Wimbledon tournament, which will not award points, due to the exclusion of Russian and Belarusian tennis players.

Arias reflects on Nole Djokovic

Former ATP player Jimmy Arias is of the opinion that Novak Djokovic is starting to crack under the pressure of making history.

"I think Novak [Djokovic] is cracking a little bit. It started with the US Open last year, I know he made the finals, but that whole tournament he was cracking. It shows how much he is thinking about history," Arias said. "The only reason he was cracking was because he was thinking of the Calendar Grand Slam and if you remember that tournament, he was losing the first set every match.

Then he had the strange start to the year with the Australian Open and everything that went on, and I just feel like maybe his days of locking down under extreme pressure will be difficult to find," Arias said. "I am not saying he won't win Majors again, but it will be more difficult."