'Novak Djokovic would never have thought that...', says legend


'Novak Djokovic would never have thought that...', says legend

Juventus star Dusan Vlahovic called Novak Djokovic a "great champion" and expressed his desire to learn from his compatriot. Vlahovic, 22, is one of the most talented strikers in football. Vlahovic is hugely popular in his country of Serbia and would like to learn something from Djokovic, a two-time Grand Slam champion.

Djokovic is one of the best players in the history of tennis and his mental strength is one of the most amazing things in all of sports. "Michael Jordan, I like the mentality of him. And Novak Djokovic. He's from Serbia and he's definitely number one, so I've always looked up to him.

He's a great champion. I want to know more about how he has done certain things. He is very good because of the mental strength of him: how he deals with certain problems and how he can play seven matches in a row and overcome seven obstacles to win a Grand Slam," Vlahovic told The Telegraph.

At the French Open, Djokovic fell in the quarterfinals to Rafael Nadal. Following the loss, Djokovic returned home and the next tournament on his schedule is expected to be Wimbledon. Last week, coach Goran Ivanisevic confirmed that Djokovic probably won't play any tournaments before Wimbledon.

"Probably nothing (before Wimbledon). We'll see, but now it's time to recover mentally. Like I said before, people like Novak are geniuses with a different way of thinking - they need a little time to go back and put some things in order your head, but it still takes time."

McEnroe talks about Djokovic

John McEnroe took stock of Roland-Garros on the Eurosport set, and he explained in particular what can separate Novak Djokovic from Nadal.

“Most of us thought it would be Novak Djokovic who would tip the scales in his favor, but there was this horrible debacle in Australia with Novak not being able to make it to the first big event of the year. And after that, I don't think Novak thought Rafa was going to win the Australian Open.

Djokovic and Nadal arrived at totally different times of form at the Paris event. The Serb was gaining momentum, raising his level more and more and recovering the best sensations. Meanwhile, the Spaniard came with a lot of doubts related to his foot.

So Djokovic showed up in Paris with the idea of: 'I have to catch up with this guy', but Nadal took it up a notch and won another trophy in Paris."

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