Novak Djokovic's situation worsens

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Novak Djokovic's situation worsens

2022 is not going well for Novak Djokovic. The former world number 1 was unable to compete in the Australian Open due to the well-known vaccination issue, as well as having undergone a bureaucratic and media process that damaged his image.

The Serbian champion hoped to redeem himself at Roland Garros, where he was considered his great favorite, especially after the triumph in Rome without losing a single set. After walking in the first week, his run sadly ended in the quarterfinals against his eternal rival Rafael Nadal.

The Spaniard then hoisted himself to 22 Majors, further stretching on Federer and Djokovic. The 35-year-old from Belgrade will necessarily have to impose himself at Wimbledon to close the gap, given that he will hardly be able to go to New York to compete in the US Open.

According to the latest rumors, the United States has no intention of 'lightening' health measures and will not discount the 20-time Grand Slam champion. To the microphones of 'GB News', Nigel Farage broke a spear in favor of Nole.

Farage opens up on Djokovic

"The US Open has decided that Russian and Belarusian players can play in the US Open, but that Novak Djokovic cannot play in the US Open because he hasn't had the vaccine," Farage said.

"This is madness. There are no health grounds to back this up whatsoever." He added that the move had more to do with having "control" rather than health concerns. "Indeed, I have to say I argued strongly here with doctors as to whether I should have the booster," Farage said.

"I concluded in the end, I shouldn't have the booster and the reasons. Very simple, whether you've had the vaccine or not, you can still catch Covid. Whether you've had the vaccine or not, you can still spread covid.

The argument for having the vaccine is, if you get it, you will be less ill. But bear in mind Novak Djokovic is one of the healthiest 35-year-olds living in the world today," he continued. "He's got full health insurance.

There is absolutely no way he will present any burden of any kind at all to the US authorities. This isn't about health, it's about control." Travis believes that the final Grand Slam of the year must include the three-time champion in the draw.

According to Travis, the likes of basketball player Kyrie Irving (including Djokovic), who have refused the vaccination will seem smarter by the day. Talking to FOX News, he says, “It’s a joke. So, I think this will end up getting resolved and Djokovic will play”.