John McEnroe weighs in on Novak Djokovic vaccine stance

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John McEnroe weighs in on Novak Djokovic vaccine stance

Former seven-time Grand Slam champion John McEnroe says Novak Djokovic is well aware of the consequences his vaccine stance brings and suggested he feels the Serb won't be changing his mind anytime soon. Djokovic, a record nine-time Australian Open champion, didn't get a chance to defend his title at Melbourne Park earlier this year after his visa was revoked and he was deported from the country.

Djokovic was allowed to compete at the French Open and he is set to play at Wimbledon but it seems that he might not be allowed to enter the United States for the US Open. "He made this decision and he is going to have to have to live with it.

And he seems hell bent on that," McEnroe told The Mail+.

Djokovic standing by his beliefs

After Djokovic was deported from Australia, some felt he would change his mind and take the vaccine. Instead, Djokovic came out and made it clear that he will stand firm by his own beliefs and principles.

“As an elite athlete, I want to triple-check everything that enters my body. If something changes for 0.5% in my body, I feel it. I am just cautious before making any decisions, I am taking my time and keeping my mind open.

I will live with the consequences;" Djokovic said on a Serbian television earlier this year. “I stand for choice and the autonomy of every individual, that every person has the right to decide in the matter of their health.

I don’t like being labelled and put in the same category with certain initiatives or movements, I never said I support any of those. I have always tried to respect everybody’s choices, I hope that people can respect mine as well”.

The 2022 season has extremely challenging for Djokovic. Now, Rafael Nadal owns a record 22 Grand Slams, while Djokovic has remained at 20. Djokovic enters Wimbledon with a must-win mentality as he simply can't allow Nadal to win a 23rd Grand Slam.