'Novak Djokovic ran me over', says ATP ace

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'Novak Djokovic ran me over', says ATP ace

A walk on the lawns of the Center Court to cancel the sobs of the first round with Kwon. Novak Djokovic takes just under two hours of play to break the resistance of Thanasi Kokkianiks and reach at least the third round for the sixteenth time in his career.

He leaves little room for interpretation in the 6-1 6-4 6-2 final. He then continues the hunt for the very Serbian champion for the crown week at the Championships, the fourth in a row. The winner of the match between Tabilo and Kecmanovic awaits him now.

Against Kwon, presumably, he had kept his foot well off the accelerator in an attempt - at times productive, at times less so - to preserve some energy and above all to regain confidence with the Center Court of WImbledon.

No sooner said than done. The Serbian champion plays a simplistically perfect match against Kokkinakis - helped a little even by the serve, the only shot available in the paraphernalia to stay afloat in the score - so much so that he finds himself living with a very good competitive training.

The six-time champion of the tournament, who is present in a perfect way in response and who above all manages the matter from the baseline without particular difficulties, dominates the first fraction and highlights all the limits of Kokkinakis' tennis, who fails to be incisive even with the forehand.

In just over sixty minutes of play, the 6-1 6-4 seasoned with almost 90% of the points with the service is practically a logical consequence. The third set is obviously a completely necessary outline: only the first game is balanced, with Djokovic who on the third tie manages to get out of trouble with a splendid backhand solution and to take advantage of the third break ball available with a very precise straight answer that opens the door to an easy conclusion near the net.

Kokkinakis praises Nole Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is the 'man to beat' at Wimbledon who will probably not be beaten, believes Thanasi Kokkinakis. "If he plays like that, I don't think he can lose," Kokkinakis said after the match on Centre Court, adding, "And I hope he doesn't, because if there is someone capable of playing better tennis than Novak did today, that leaves me even further from the elite."

The World No. 79 felt Djokovic's level of tennis was 'perfect' in every way. "I hope he played to the maximum, because if he can turn up the intensity even more, I don't know where that leaves me. He just did everything perfect, he guessed all my shots and he was like a wall.

Tactically, he ran me over," continued Kokkinakis. "He's gone over me, it's like he's the only one playing today, it was frustrating," he added.