Novak Djokovic gives his thoughts on recent changes in tennis

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Novak Djokovic gives his thoughts on recent changes in tennis

20-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic says he is a bit divided on the ATP's decision to allow off-court coaching as he believes there are both positives and negatives. After the ATP announced their decision to allow off-court coaching, some sarcastically applauded them for legalizing something that has been happening in tennis for a very long time.

When Nick Kyrgios was asked about that, he suggested one of the things that make tennis unique is being out there and finding solutions on your own. "I have to admit that I am divided because I understand the arguments of both sides.

Maybe I'm leaning more towards introducing coaching. We, on the tour, know that this is already happening in 90 percent of cases, there are signs and communication. Now it will be regulated, that is. to make it official, with certain conditions," said Djokovic, per Sportskeeda.

"I understand the other side as well. Nick Kyrgios is one of those who pointed out that it kills the uniqueness of our sport, that as an individual you fight, find solutions. I understand that too. We know that this is already happening, so let it be the rule."

Djokovic on the change Wimbledon made

After Serena Williams sustained an injury in her 2021 Wimbledon first round match, many thought it was time for Wimbledon to allow practicing on the Centre Court and Court 1. This year, Wimbledon softened their stance and allowed top players limited practice on the two main courts.

Djokovic says he's positively surprised by Wimbledon's decision to allow practicing on the Centre Court. "Here at Wimbledon, who could have guessed that they would allow players to train at the Central Stadium before the start of the tournament? I bet with Goran (coach) that in the future, they might allow a little paint on the equipment, and he says there is no chance.

I am open to changes that can contribute to popularization," Djokovic said. Meanwhile, Djokovic has been through to the Wimbledon last-16, where he plays Tim van Rijthoven.