Novak Djokovic answers if he is worried about potentially catching virus at Wimbledon

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Novak Djokovic answers if he is worried about potentially catching virus at Wimbledon

Novak Djokovic says he is not worried about catching COVID-19 but adds he is cautious not to catch the virus at Wimbledon. So far, three players on the men's side have been forced to withdraw from the tournament due to COVID-19.

COVID-19 hit some big names as Matteo Berrettini, Marin Cilic and Roberto Bautista Agut were all forced to pull out of the tournament after their COVID tests returned as positive. "I am mostly at tennis or in the house with my family.

I visited the city few times before the tournament. I try not to think about whether I’ll catch Covid, but we have to be cautious, especially with everything that we have been through," Djokovic said, per Sasa Ozmo.

Djokovic on not shaking the chair umpire's hand

After beating Miomir Kecmanovic in three sets to reach the Wimbledon last-16, Djokovic didn't shake the chair umpire's hand.

Djokovic was surprised when he was told he didn't shake the chair umpire's hand as he claimed it was unintentional. "I really didn't?! Oh, so that is why he looked at me that way afterwards, that's when I started thinking whether I shook his hand or not.

I will apologize, it was nothing personal. We were forbidden to shake hands for over a year, traces of that I guess," Djokovic said. Next up for Djokovic will be Tim van Rijthoven, who upset Daniil Medvedev in the 's-Hertogenbosch final for his maiden ATP title.

Van Rijthoven is now having his best-ever Grand Slam run and Djokovic admits he won't be taking him for granted. "I’ve watched him play, he is one of the talks of Wimbledon. Quite impressive, and the way he beat Medvedev in the finals in Netherlands.

I will do my analysis, hopefully I can start the way I did in the last two matches. It seems like Van Rijthoven is handling the big stage really well, he has beaten Medvedev comfortably. His game is suited to grass, he doesn’t have much to lose," Djokovic said.