'Novak Djokovic felt very bad', says top coach

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'Novak Djokovic felt very bad', says top coach
'Novak Djokovic felt very bad', says top coach (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Once again the topic of COVID-19 appeared in Novak Djokovic's conferences. Beyond what you can expect at the US Open and its virus-related conditions, the Wimbledon tournament has been seriously affected by COVID. More than one of his figures has had to go down after testing positive, including the favorite Matteo Berrettini.

In the case of the number three in the world, he prefers not to think about the possibility of being infected and thus see the 21st Grand Slam title vanish. "Before the tournament started I visited the city for a couple of days, but now I only go home from the club and I am with my family and team, only, I am not too worried about anything and I do not think about if I am going to catch it, but it is Of course being cautious is necessary after what we've been through the last two years," the Serb said after his third-round victory over Miomir Kecmanovic.

On the other hand, 'Nole' supported the rule change made by the Wimbledon organization where there will be activity on Sunday: "I'm glad Wimbledon has changed that rule and, from now on, we're going to play this day. It's quite amazing how the norms are changing, despite being a very traditional event.

I'm fine with them being open to some innovations, but I'm also not thrilled that they keep things like wearing white and no advertising. What I don't agree with is the possibility of training on Center Court before the tournament starts.

I never thought that someone would step on the grass before the reigning champion."

Vajda comments on Nole Djokovic

During a recent interview with Tennis Majors, Vajda spoke about his relationship with Novak Djokovic and also elaborated on the Serb's chances of winning the 2022 grass Major.

"I always support him [Novak Djokovic] and I want him to win Wimbledon," Vajda said. "I just saw a little bit of his first round match because we had practice at a similar time. Overall, he is fine, this is the best surface for him.

I think he has a good draw. Maybe his performance in the first round was not that great, but he improves his tennis as matches go by." According to Vajda, even though it ached to be in the opposing box, they both still maintain a good relationship both on and off the court.

"It is strange, obviously." Vajda said. "First of all, it was very strange in Paris, to be in the opposing box. It was a terrible feeling, I have to be honest. I felt so bad, Novak [Djokovic] also felt very bad. We stay in touch, communicate and send messages to each other. Our relationship is still very good."

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