Novak Djokovic: 'He's constantly putting pressure on opponents'

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Novak Djokovic: 'He's constantly putting pressure on opponents'

Eurosport tennis pundit Mats Wilander believes Novak Djokovic has "a good chance" of tying Roger Federer's all-time record at Wimbledon. Federer, 40, holds a record eight Wimbledon titles. Djokovic, 35, is a six-time Wimbledon champion and is aiming to win his fourth straight title.

Federer is not competing at Wimbledon this year, while Djokovic has advanced to the round of 16 after beating Miomir Kecmanovic in a straight set. "I think he has a good chance," Wilander told Eurosport, when asked about Djokovic's chances of tying Federer's record at Wimbledon.

"I think he is clearly the best player on grass and he has been for the last few years. He is getting better every time I see him play. He is more clear about what he has to do on the grass court, how he has to move when he can slide so as not to slip and the way he has understood that he must move on a grass court.

There is a good chance that he will go on to eight Wimbledon titles and that he will end up with the most Grand Slam titles of them all. But, of course, a certain Rafa Nadal does not stop surprising us." Wimbledon is experiencing a drop in attendance this year and Wilander suspects he has something to do with Federer's absence and Williams' early loss.

Nole Djokovic is growing up

"He's maturing a lot on the big stage. I think he doesn't feel too much pressure on the big stage," Novak Djokovic said of Sinner. "He's very solid. He has every shot in his game: serve, return, forehand, backhand.

He's constantly putting pressure on opponents." Djokovic explained how Sinner's game from the baseline reminds him of his own tactical approach. "I kind of see a little bit of myself in his game, as well, from back of the court, playing flat backhands, constantly staying on the back of the line, trying to put pressure on opponents," said the Serb.

"I knew coming into the match that it was always going to be a tough, challenging matchup against Tim, who I've never faced before," Djokovic said. "I watched him play. He's got a really good game for grass, which he proved today.

[It] was a very good fight, especially in the first two sets." During the recent press conference, the Serbian superstar, Djokovic, talked about playing in the middle of Sunday. “I’m glad Wimbledon has changed that rule and from now on we’re going to play on this day.

It’s quite amazing how the rules are changing, despite being a very traditional event. It’s good that they’re open to some innovations,” Djokovic said.