'It seems to me Novak Djokovic doesn't enjoy...', says top analyst

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'It seems to me Novak Djokovic doesn't enjoy...', says top analyst

A quarterfinal between two players who have convinced with their performances during the first week. Novak Djokovic and Jannik Sinner will meet on Tuesday, July 5 to reach the Wimbledon semifinals. A great challenge awaits both of them: the experienced Serbian aspires to go all the way and in recent years has always stopped the streak of the other Italian, Matteo Berrettini, in prestigious events; the Italian wants to continue to impress on grass, a surface on which he had yet to win a main draw match prior to the London competition.

The 35-year-old reserved plenty of praise for his next opponent on Center Court: "I only have good things to say about Sinner's game. We all know how talented he is, he is already an established front-line player. I've seen him play on many surfaces over the years, he's maturing in all aspects and I think he doesn't feel much pressure even in big games, which maybe can happen when you're young.

He is very confident in his abilities, he believes that he can beat anyone on any track, which is important for someone like him. He already has experience, he has won great challenges and he knows what it means to be among the top 10 in the world", analyzed the Serbian champion.

The Serbian continued on the Italian: "I saw him play against Alcaraz, it was a dominant performance in the first two sets, then the fight was tighter but somehow he was always in control of the match. He is very solid, he leans into all of his punches and constantly puts pressure on his opponents.

I see myself a little bit in his game, in what he does from the back of the court, playing a flat backhand and putting his opponents in trouble with that constant movement."

Todd Martin reflects on Djokovic

1999 US Open finalist Todd Martin compared the two greats' respective runs, saying that he thought Novak Djokovic would achieve it last year.

"I thought Novak was going to win the Calendar Slam last year in New York. Generally, it seems to me he doesn't enjoy the pressure, but he can fight against it very well. I had a feeling that the pressure was going to bring out that 'There is absolutely no way I'm losing this' mentality from him, but it didn't happen, and Medvedev played great as well," said Martin.

"Long-term, Nadal is so focused on that process: what do I have to do today, what do I have to do right now. That's the way he thinks and in my mind, he has the best attitude necessary for the Calendar Slam. This place can make anyone nervous, but maybe Nadal won't feel it because of the way he thinks," he added.