'When we all think Novak Djokovic can't get any better...', says legend

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'When we all think Novak Djokovic can't get any better...', says legend

Mark Philoppoussis thought Jannik Sinner should have put more pressure on Novak Djokovic when he was two sets up, as the 2003 Wimbledon finalist stressed that the Serb simply cannot be given up. Sinner got off to an extraordinary start in his Wimbledon quarterfinal match against Djokovic, but the Serb came from behind to beat the Italian 5-7, 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-2.

"Novak should never be ruled out," Philippoussis told Sport Klub. "We all know he will fight to the end, and when he was down 2-1, it almost looked like he was 2-2 in sets, that's how it is with Djokovic at the Slams.

You always know he has enough energy and fuel in the tank and you know you're not going to win the match there, he can play ten sets if he needs to. That's why Sinner should have pressed more at 2-0, or he should have been more focused at the start of the fourth try, but it's not easy against Novak.

He puts the opposition under enormous pressure: he is always present, he moves in an incredible way and forces the opponent to always play an extra shot. He then he pulls harder and closer to the line, and the misses come. For me he was a slight favorite even before the tournament, and he still is.

I hope he is fresh for the semis." After the match, Sinner said that the turning point of the match was that he played a low game in the fourth game of the third set and got broken.

Nole is a true legend

Nenad Zimonjic is at Wimbledon this week playing the veteran mixed doubles.

"I had the privilege of training with many great champions like Sampras and Agassi, later Federer, Nadal, Novak Djokovic... The difference is in the approach," said Zimonjic. "They are all different, but it depends on who wants to achieve what in training."

He particularly lauded Djokovic and Nadal for their dedication and intensity and for continuing to get better despite already standing out from the rest. "With Novak, it is certainly dedication and intensity, as with Rafa," added the Serb.

"They always want to get the most out of themselves, to improve, and this is shown by their results, as well as their constantly growing game. When we all think it can't get any better — they prove the opposite.

It's really nice to see all that." While Carano has reacted to Novak Djokovic’s reel, there are a few UFC stars who might agree with his stance to a certain extent.