'Novak Djokovic opted for...', says former ATP star

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'Novak Djokovic opted for...', says former ATP star

Novak Djokovic is back on top of the world. The Serbian champion reacts after a difficult year and wins a Grand Slam tournament again, some twelve months after his last success at Wimbledon. It was a well deserved victory, in which Nole legitimized his success throughout the tournament, managing to suffer but beating all of his rivals quite decisively.

Jannik Sinner was probably the most complicated test for the Serbian tennis player, who had to come back from two sets down and reacted by winning in the fifth and decisive set. A decisive role in Novak's victories is undoubtedly that of Goran Ivanisevic.

After the goodbye of Marian Vajda, Goran is the only coach of the new number 7 in the world (strange, but true) and Djokovic has won everything and everyone in this tremendous 2022. On cement he could not participate in either the Australian Open or the American tour, due to lack of vaccinations, while on clay Novak won in Rome but collapsed at Roland Garros, against his lifelong rival, Rafa Nadal.

Ivanisevic made interesting remarks about the Serbian's victory and the well-known Serbian journalist Sasà Ozmo collected his words as follows: "This is really very exciting. This 2022 was a year of !"#$, it took him a while to recover after Australia, then came the defeat against Nadal at Roland Garros.

Here for me he was the favorite, but you always have to win. He now has 21 Grand Slams and he deserves it. Now it's easier for Vajda, before he shared all the pressure with me, now 100% is on my shoulders. Kyrgios? He's a genius, you can't set up matches against him, and he has the best serve in the world."

Wilander reflects on Djokovic

The day after Novak Djokovic's coronation at Wimbledon thanks to a victory in four sets against Nick Kyrgios, Mats Wilander delivered his analysis of the match for L'Equipe.

A paper as often very interesting with the Swede, to be found in full in the columns of the national sports daily this Monday. “Djokovic consciously decided to make the exchange last. Which, when facing a server as unique as Kyrgios, is incredible (…) Novak opted for patience.

He wrote the script for the second part of the match: 'Nick, you won't beat me from the bottom. I can play like that for eight hours. So you better serve monstrous. Go ahead, prove it to me.’ A very clever way to put pressure on your rival.

No rush, no unforced errors: ‘I am giving you an exam. It's up to you to come and get the title by risking a lot,'" wrote the Swedish consultant.