Novak Djokovic opens on how Australia visa saga and aftermath left him stressed out


Novak Djokovic opens on how Australia visa saga and aftermath left him stressed out

Novak Djokovic admitted the aftermath of the Australia visa debacle left him feeling "constantly stressed out" but he is happy to have found his peace once again. After being stripped ot a chance to compete at the Australian Open and then failing to win the French Open, Djokovic lifted his first Grand Slam of the year at Wimbledon.

In the Wimbledon final, Djokovic beat Nick Kyrgios 4-6 6-3 6-4 7-6 (3) to win his seventh Wimbledon title and his 21st Grand Slam title. After winning the Wimbledon title, Djokovic admitted he felt relieved and highlighted that this one was extremely special.

Djokovic: I was stressed out like never before in my life

“I have had a lot of moments like these in my career and I am grateful for that, but somehow this trophy after everything I went through in Australia,” Djokovic said, per Tennis Majors.

“All the bad things that happened went through my mind and when I sat on the chair, I just felt huge relief, because emotionally I have been constantly stressed out, like never before in my life – not solely because of what happened in Australia, but because of what followed me afterwards in relation with that, lots of negative comments and provocations from various people.

That is something I have never faced before, so I did not know how to handle it. I always strive to do things which make me calm and mentally balanced, but I am a human being after all – there were some very ugly insults, provocations, media constantly reminding me about what happened, and it got to me.

But I am happy to say that I do not carry that emotional burden for some time now, even more so with this victory. I feel relieved”. Now, Djokovic is hoping to be allowed to enter the United States for the US Open. If nothing changes in the upcoming weeks, an unvaccinated Djokovic won't be allowed to enter the Unied States for the final Grand Slam of the season.

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