Novak Djokovic optimistic his Australia ban will be reversed ahead of 2023 season

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Novak Djokovic optimistic his Australia ban will be reversed ahead of 2023 season

Novak Djokovic admits he is not really too optimistic that he will be allowed to compete at the US Open but adds he is remain hopeful that he will return to Australia at the start of the 2023 season. Djokovic, 35, was denied participation at this year's Australian Open after the Australian authorities revoked his visa and deported him from the country.

Since Djokovic still hasn't been vaccinated against COVID-19, there is a strong chance he won't be allowed to enter the United States for the US Open. After being deported from Australia, Djokovic was handed a three-year ban from entering the country.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean that Djokovic won't be playing the Australian Open for the next three years as the Australian government said the Serb could return earlier "under the right circumstances." “As things stand now, I cannot travel to Australia and the United States, but I am hoping to get positive news,” Djokovic told RTS.

“I believe things will change for Australian Open. For the US Open there is not much time, but hope dies last. I would like to play at the US Open and Australia Open, but even if I do not, it’s not the end of the world”.

Djokovic: I feel most comfortable in Australia

Djokovic, who lifted his seventh Wimbledon title this past Sunday, is a record nine-time Australian Open champion. Djokovic now has 21 Grand Slams in his collection and he feels Australia is the place which gives him the best chance at winning more Grand Slams.

“I mean, Australia probably is the place where I feel most comfortable because of my record there, winning title many times,” Djokovic said. "That’s the court where I would probably like to play, if I have to pick one match or one court, it would be there, Wimbledon is kind of close to that considering the success I had, particularly in the last seven, eight years.

I mean, I’ve been winning a lot of matches on the Centre Court. I think I’ve not lost since 2013 on Centre Court. Again, even though in Australia I had so much success, this Centre Court and this tournament still has the most special place in my heart because it has always been my childhood dream tournament.

Of course, every time I step out on the court it is a feeling unlike anything else. The more you win, it’s logical the more confident, the more comfortable you feel out there every next time you step out on the court”.