'The joke is Novak Djokovic would be better off going down to...', says expert

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'The joke is Novak Djokovic would be better off going down to...', says expert

Novak Djokovic lifted his season by winning his seventh title at Wimbledon, the fourth in a row. The former world number 1 left several sets on the street during the tournament, but was always cynical in the decisive moments.

The comeback in the final against Nick Kyrgios highlighted for the umpteenth time the extraordinary solidity of the Serbian, capable of responding with incredible frequency to one of the best serves on the circuit. 73% of prime time was not enough for the Australian player to get his hands on his first career Grand Slam.

Nole's 2022 could suffer an abrupt halt in the next two months. As things currently stand, the 21-time Grand Slam champion could not enter the United States to compete in the American Masters 1000 and the US Open. The 35-year-old from Belgrade is hoping for some last-minute change, which seems quite unlikely.

The 'Djoker' had already paid off at the beginning of the year for his choice not to vaccinate against the Coronavirus, having been unable to defend the title at the Australian Open. OutKick founder Clay Travis said there is no scientific reason that supports the decision not to let Djokovic into the US.

Clay Travis on Nole Djokovic

"There should be no COVID restrictions whatsoever at this point in time for any athlete playing any sport anywhere in the country, and, I believe, anywhere in the world," said Travis. "And the fact that we are not allowing Novak Djokovic the opportunity to travel to America to play the US Open is an absolute mockery of science, and it is indefensible." The OutKick founder noted that a year ago, vaccine companies were incorrectly proclaiming that taking shots would stop people from contracting COVID-19.

"Remember, last year at this time, they were still essentially trying to tell you that the COVID shot stopped you from getting COVID and also prevented the spread. That is not true. Right now, we are at 5% efficacy," Travis said.

"Even a third shot only protects at an added 20%. We are going to require Novak Djokovic or anyone else who is entering this country, we are going to require them to get a shot that offers no protection virtually from the spread of COVID and no protection from getting COVID," said the 43-year-old.

"The fact that we are not allowing players in sports like Novak Djokovic to come to this country is absolutely, in my opinion, indefensible," Travis said. "The joke is Djokovic would be better off going down to the southern border and just walk in across there, where we don't actually require any sort of negative test in order to enter this country."