Laura Robson: Novak Djokovic is probably going to end up GOAT, deserves more respect

Robson weighs in on the claim that Djokovic doesn't have a huge fanbase.

by Dzevad Mesic
Laura Robson: Novak Djokovic is probably going to end up GOAT, deserves more respect

Former British tennis star Laura Robson feels the claim that Novak Djokovic doesn't really have much fans is not true. Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are widely considered as the three greatest players in tennis history but the belief is that Nadal and Federer have a much bigger fanbase than Djokovic.

Robson, who now works as a tennis commentator following her retirement from professional tennis, thinks Djokovic will end up as the greatest player of all time and he definitely deserves to be shown more respect. “I think he has got a huge amount of fans,” Robson told Tennis365.

“Every time I commentate on one of his matches, my Twitter blows up because there are so many people who are die hard fans of his. They are committed. I do feel like he has a lot of fans. Compared to Nadal and Federer, they might not be as vocal in stadiums, but people just know them better from years and years of watching them.

I feel Djokovic gets a lot of credit. He is probably going to end up as the greatest of all-time, so he deserves a lot more respect”.

Robson on Nick Kyrgios

On Sunday, Djokovic defeated Kyrgios to win his 21st Grand Slam title.

Kyrgios, 27, was playing his maiden Grand Slam final and he certanly didn't go down without a fight against Djokovic. Robson says she feels Kyrgios is good for the game but admits she would like to see less on-court antics from him.

“I think he is good for tennis,” she added of Kyrgios. “He gets people watching, get full stadiums and especially in the first week, some of the Court 1 matches were not over crowded and every played it was packed.

Some of his antics towards the umpires and line judges should not be tolerated at all and they should probably be a lot stricter than they have with him. It’s weird. I want a happy medium from him. I want him to still have the personality, flair and excitement. I hope he doesn’t lose what makes people want to watch him, but I think he is one his way."

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