'I think everyone should now enjoy Novak Djokovic's victory...', says TD

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'I think everyone should now enjoy Novak Djokovic's victory...', says TD
'I think everyone should now enjoy Novak Djokovic's victory...', says TD (Provided by Tennis World USA)

On Sunday, July 10, 2022, the curtain fell on another edition of Wimbledon. The champion scepter is still in the hands of Novak Djokovic, 'king' in the land of the queen for the fourth consecutive time. The victory of the London Slam has, this time, a different flavor, given all the countermeasures taken by the organizers due to the Russo-Ukrainian war, and the Serb has lost many points in the ATP ranking.

The numbers, however, mark 21 in the box of Majors won by Djokovic, which leaves him a long distance from Rafael Nadal (but which he probably will not be able to reach given the risk of not playing the US Open). After the conclusion of Wimbledon 2022, a character who has made a name for himself in Italy with his unmistakable voice and irony, Paolo Bertolucci, former Italian champion and today Sky commentator, speaks: "When you face Nadal and Djokovic, if you're not psychologically prepared, they don't push you away, in fact they kick you out of the room," Bertolucci told the "Tutti Convocati" radio show, resorting to one of the usual metaphors he uses a lot when he talks about tennis.

The 2022 edition of Wimbledon will undoubtedly be remembered for the well-known "remodelling", especially that of prohibiting the participation of Russians and Belarusians and the non-allocation of ATP points. Regarding the facts on the court, however, special attention was paid, for example, to the good way in which Jannik Sinner managed to go 2 sets to 0 ahead of Novak Djokovic, to the withdrawal of Rafael Nadal and the subsequent arrival to the final of his expected rival, Nick Kyrgios.

The Australian, who has shown his immense tennis skills over the years, finally had the opportunity to show himself to the public on such a prestigious stage as a Slam final, an achievement never achieved in his career until Wimbledon 2022.

Tiley opens up on Djokovic

Australian Open director Craig Tiley has stated that he has no control over whether Novak Djokovic will compete at the event or not. "I think we are doing our best," Tiley said. "Clearly, it's not my decision whether he will be able to play at the Australian Open, but Novak is always welcome, he knows that many people in Australia like to watch him play." Additionally, he encouraged everyone to rejoice at the Serbs' triumph at SW19 this year.

"It is up to others to make a decision, but there is still a lot of time before the Australian Open next year. I think everyone should now enjoy his victory at Wimbledon," Tiley said.

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