'I think it's incredible that Novak Djokovic's standing by...', says analyst

Djokovic had arguably the greatest season of his career in 2021

by Simone Brugnoli
'I think it's incredible that Novak Djokovic's standing by...', says analyst

It will not be easy to see Novak Djokovic on the court at the US Open. In fact, according to the British newspaper The Telegraph, the US authorities have no intention of relaxing entry conditions in the coming months. To enter the United States, you have to present a complete vaccination cycle at the border and Djokovic, at the press conference held after his victory at Wimbledon, reiterated that he has no intention of changing his ideas.

Instead, the good news could come from Australia. The Labor Party has returned to power and has decided to lift many of the Covid-related restrictions imposed by the Conservative group. The latest order issued by the new government, in particular, could change Djokovic's fate.

Australia will no longer ban unvaccinated people from entering the country. The only problem remains the three-year exclusion imposed on the Serb by the visa that was considered irregular last January. However, with the new laws, the grounds for canceling his visa have become obsolete.

The Australian Immigration Department has already made it known that there is no news regarding the situation of Novak Djokovic, but that all decisions will be made taking into account the new rules. One of the reasons that would lead the Government to annul the harsh measure is closely related to the greater sensitivity of the current Prime Minister towards sport.

Anthony Albanese, according to the Daily Mail, believes that Australia must move forward and leave the pandemic behind by focusing on major international events. Apparently, Tennis Australia is also raising its voice to have Djokovic's ban lifted.

In this sense, the statements made to Sportklub by Craig Tiley, director of the Australian Open, leave no room for doubt.

Djokovic could miss the US Open

Speaking on the Piers Morgan Uncensored show, political journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer defended the 35-year-old's stance on vaccinations.

“You should be able to make a choice. Bodily autonomy is the most fundamental human right. Novak Djokovic isn’t asking for special treatment. He's not asking for special treatment, he's simply said ‘I'm not vaccinated, I'm not showing my vaccine status and therefore I can't play in the US open it.’ I think it's incredible that he's standing by his principles.

He's a young healthy man,” she said. “The whole point is [that] it is a stupid rule. Your vaccine protects you, and anyone who is taking a vaccine it protects them. We know with Omicron, [the vaccine] doesn't actually provide much protection at all from infection. It does protect you from getting seriously ill and from dying,” she added.

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