British politician applauds Novak Djokovic for handling of Australia, US situations

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British politician applauds Novak Djokovic for handling of Australia, US situations

British politician Claire Fox has applauded Novak Djokovic for the way he handled the Australia visa saga. Djokovic was granted a special exemption to compete at the Australian Open but he was placed in detention after landing in Melbourne.

Over the next 10 days, Djokovic had his visa canceled twice and he didn't get a chance to compete at the Australian Open after being deported from the country. Now, Djokovic is likely to miss out on the US Open because the US vaccine laws require foreigners to show vaccination proof upon entering the country.

Djokovic has accepted the US Open situation calmly and Fox praises the Serb for the way he has been handling the challenges.

Fox: Djokovic has been handling these situations great

"I also thought how he handled what happened in Australia and America has been great.

I thought he was treated abysmally by Australia where he was refused play because of his medical status, his decision about his own body not to take a vaccine right," Fox said, per Sportskeeda. "Not one I'd agree with but who cares, it's not my body, it's his body.

But, he didn't even winge about it. He argued his position. They keep saying to him, "why have you given up on these big tournaments just for this and he says, 'because I've got principles' What a joy, he is not only a brilliant tennis player, but he's a brilliant tennis player with principles."

This week, Djokovic confirmed that he intends only to play where he is allowed to. “I am a professional tennis player, I don’t go into politics or anything else because that doesn’t interest me,” Djokovic said.

“I have my stance and I am a proponent for freedom to choose what is best for you. I respect everything and everybody, and I expect people to at least respect my decision. If I have permission, I’ll be there. If I don’t, I won’t be there – it’s not the end of the world”.