Hamad Medjedovic's father reveals extremely nice and kind Novak Djokovic gesture

Djokovic committed to helping Medjedovic unlock his potential to the fullest.

by Dzevad Mesic
Hamad Medjedovic's father reveals extremely nice and kind Novak Djokovic gesture

Hamad Medjedovic's father Eldin reveals Novak Djokovic has been a great support and he is eternally grateful for everything the 21-time Grand Slam champion has been doing for his son. Medjedovic, 19, is one of the brightest Serbian tennis talents and Djokovic has allowed him to train at the Novak Tennis Center.

When Eldin Medjedovic sat down with Djokovic, the 2022 Wimbledon champion provided a list of the next steps in Medjedovic's development. After seeing Djokovic's plan, Eldin Medjedovic told the Serbian tennis great it was too expensive for the Medjedovic family.

Djokovic then told them the financial costs were his concern and Eldin Medjedovic was lost for words after a very nice and kind Djokovic gesture.

Eldin Medjedovic on how Djokovic offered to help

"Novak is really trying hard to help Hamad," Eldin Medjedovic told Sportal.

"In every possible way: financially, mentally and socially. I remember my second conversation with Novak. Then we specifically talked about the steps in Hamad's career. And here, I'll tell you honestly, I pinched myself during that conversation to convince myself that all this was happening.

He was giving me ideas, what to do about Hamad, and I remember saying to him: 'Nole, I'm sorry, but it all costs money!' He continues, suggests me a coach, talks about how we will do, what we will do and adds: 'It's up to Hamad to train, I'll do the rest!' I tell him again: 'Nole, it costs money!'" Djokovic, 35, is still a dominant force in the game and he wants to use his position to help promising Serbian players.

"Then Novak told me: 'Edo, I don't do this for money! I have a place to earn money. Simply, my role and my task is to help. What kind of person would I be if I didn't help children who deserve it, who love tennis, they still achieve results, helped?' I listen to him, and he adds: 'You know what we're going to do? Tomorrow, when Hamad succeeds, you're also going to take someone who you're going to help!'"

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