'If Novak Djokovic wins the most Grand Slams despite...', says legend

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'If Novak Djokovic wins the most Grand Slams despite...', says legend

Another ATP figure comes out to defend Novak Djokovic in his intention to play the fourth and last Grand Slam of the season. This is the Australian tennis player John Millman, 33 years old and current number 76 in the world, acknowledged that he does not understand the reason why the winner of 21 "big" cannot be on the tour that takes place in the United States after the discreet security controls for the spread of COVID-19.

“I am out with covid. I was in the United States and it didn't really seem like many were following recommendations or guidelines there. Which is fine, but therefore I can't see why Novak Djokovic can't come and compete," he wrote on his Twitter account.

“Let me be clear. If everyone in the country was following the guidelines, then I'm all for them enforcing a vax entry policy. But from what I saw, hardly anyone was, the tournament allows unvaccinated citizens to play and only 30% have had a booster,” Millman added.

The Australian is one of the exponents of the "white sport" who comes out to defend "Nole" and hopes to see him on the New York courts, although at the moment everything remains uncertain. At the moment, the Serbian is still waiting to receive special permission to play the US Open after he decided not to get the COVID-19 vaccine and therefore not be able to play some of the main stops on the tour.

Do you think an exception should be made so that Novak Djokovic can make the trip to the United States?

Ivan Lendl on Djokovic

In an interview with Dnevnika Nove TV, Ivan Lendl claimed that politics should not play a role when you have to pick the best player.

The legendary Czech-American believes it would not be fair if Novak Djokovic is robbed of the chance to compete in the New York Major. "I'm disappointed with Novak, I'm disappointed with Rafa," Lendl said.

"At the moment, Roger seems to be out of it, because he hasn't played for a long time and he is also the oldest. If Novak wins the most Grand Slams despite that, I think we will have an answer. If Rafa wins one more title, I think he will have to answer the question about the vaccination and the fact that Novak could not play.

And I don't think that's fair. I'd actually like to see someone have a 2, 3, 4 title advantage at the top. I don't care who it is, I don't have a favorite. Just for the sake of answering that question, to be clear.

And, not to say 'If this man could play, maybe it would be different, your record is not that good.' That is not fair," he added.