'Novak Djokovic should have been held up as an example but...', says expert

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'Novak Djokovic should have been held up as an example but...', says expert

Only one hundred percent official status is missing, but Novak Djokovic's fate seems to be sealed for the next prestigious appointments on the circuit. The Serbian is already certain that he will not be able to participate in the Montreal Masters 1000 and that he will soon be forced to give up the Cincinnati tournament and also the United States Open Championship, due to the current anti-Covid regulations in force in the United States of America.

The decision not to undergo any vaccination has led the Belgrade to completely revise his schedule, and he is no longer master of his own destiny. The athlete has had to face several difficult situations, including the Australian Open and an illness that he had on his return after about three months of the first Grand Slam of the season (which he finally did not play), and everything is far from over and stay behind.

In fact, the dangers for this 35-year-old man are increasing and they do not give him any respite. According to the current scenarios, speaking of events of a certain level, he will only be able to play a few competitions in Europe before the Nitto ATP Finals, to which he will only qualify if he finishes in the top 20 of the Race ranking, given his victory at Wimbledon.

It seems highly unlikely that the US government of Joe Biden is going to completely annul the rules of entry to the country anytime soon, in this case allowing entry to unvaccinated foreigners. Thus, Nole will miss the Flushing Meadows appointment and will not be able to defend the 1,200 points he won in the 2021 edition, when he only lost in the final against the Russian Daniil Medvedev and did not achieve the 'Grand Slam of the calendar'

Nole Djokovic is a true champion

Guest on Patrick McEnroe's podcast, Jonathan Reiner, cardiologist at the George Washington University Hospital, did not fail to criticize Novak Djokovic for his positions concerning in particular vaccination against Covid, although he is still d okay with the fact that he should be able to play the US Open.

“Even though I think he should be playing at the US Open, I think he was completely wrong at the worst time of the pandemic, when he should have been held up as an example and he didn't. did not. What he did is very selfish, it's what he did this winter, it's pure selfishness.

When I look at athletes, I see them as role models for the public and they try to represent the best of us. When guys play baseball or go to the US Open and cheer on a player, I hope that player teaches me what I need to do to reach higher levels in my life. A demonstration of courage, discipline or sacrifice."