Dustin Brown responds to John Millman questioning US over Novak Djokovic ban

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Dustin Brown responds to John Millman questioning US over Novak Djokovic ban

Dustin Brown acknowledged that every country has the right to create their own rules in the wake of John Millman questioning the United States over Novak Djokovic's US Open ban. Djokovic is in danger of missing out on the US Open because he hasn't veen vaccinated against COVID-19.

The United States authorities recently relaxed some of their COVID-19 measures as they don't require a negative test upon entering the country. However, they still require foreigners to show the proof of vaccination upon enterint ehc ountry.

"Thought of the day. I could be covid positive and fly into the States, no questions asked because I’m vaccinated. But someone who has recovered from covid is now covid negative but hasn’t been vax’d is denied entry.

I know there are border laws but help me understand," Millman tweeted.

Brown on Millman questioning the US over Djokovic's US Open ban

"Every country just has their own rules. Why can I walk on the street in Germany with a beer, but I can't in other countries? Because it's their rules," Brown responded to Millman's tweet.

Earlier this week, Millman argued that it's a nonsense to ban Djokovic from entering the US when local citizens are not really following COVID-19 recommendations and guidelines.

"I’m out with covid. I was just in the States and it didn’t really feel like too many were following any recommendations or guidelines there. Which is fine, but therefore I can’t see then why @DjokerNole can’t come and compete," Millman tweeted earlier this week.

After his first tweet, Millman sent out a second to further elaborate his position. "Let me be clear. If everyone in the country was following guidelines then I’m all for them enforcing a vax entry policy. But from what I saw pretty much no one was, the tournament allows non vax citizens to play and only 30% have had a booster," Millman added in another tweet.