Novak Djokovic receives more and more support

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Novak Djokovic receives more and more support
Novak Djokovic receives more and more support

By triumphing at Wimbledon for the seventh time in his career, Novak Djokovic revived a season that was in danger of being bankrupt. The Serbian champion encountered several difficulties in the first part of 2022, having paid a very high price for his choice not to get vaccinated against the Coronavirus.

The former world number 1 was expelled from Australia at the beginning of the year, as well as suffering serious damage to his image. For the same reason, the 21-time Grand Slam champion also had to give up the Masters 1000 in Indian Wells and Miami in the spring.

The participation of the 35-year-old from Belgrade in the US Open 2022 is still highly unlikely, as the US government does not seem willing to change the rules regarding the entry of foreigners. Nole has returned to training after taking a short vacation, but has already made it clear that he will not play smaller tournaments to hunt for points.

In a recent interview with 'Sputnik', Nebojsa Jovanovic - head of a sports management company in the US - called on the organizers of the US Open to do more to help Djokovic.

Jovanovic on Nole Djokovic

Jovanović, who runs a sports management company in the States, recently spoke to Sputnik detailing all his efforts to help Novak Djokovic.

He firmly believes that the authorities are not doing everything they can to convince their government to overturn the rule. "I can't fathom the principal not trying to write a letter, and they said in advance that they won't do anything, they just respect the administration regarding the trip," Jovanović said.

"If it was [Roger] Federer or [Rafael] Nadal, they would have done everything to bring them, you can literally feel it." Earlier, John McEnroe said about Djokovic, “The person that comes to mind immediately with Novak is golfer Tiger Woods.

He had the issues with his wife, he seemed to go completely off the rails and has never been even close to the same player.“ Despite Agassi’s stand for Djokovic, the duo did not quite work well, as their partnership lasted only a year.

During that time, the Serb did not win a single Grand Slam title. Currently, the Serb is struggling to get into the USA due to the rules and regulations concerning Covid-19 vaccination in the country. After winning Wimbledon this year, many thought Novak would win the US Open as well. Unfortunately, it looks like he will not showcase his skills in Flushing Meadows later this month.

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