Olga Danilovic reveals how Novak Djokovic acts around other Serbian players


Olga Danilovic reveals how Novak Djokovic acts around other Serbian players

Serbia's Olga Danilovic says Novak Djokovic is very chill off the court and pleasant to be around. Djokovic, 35, is one of the greatest players in tennis history and the most successful Serbian athlete. But when Djokovic is around his fellow compatriots, he is doing "normal things" and not standing out in any ways.

"He is so relaxed, a normal guy, just like the rest of us. When the match, practice is over, we all go to eat. I mean, those are some of the most common things," Danilovic said on the Alesto podcast.

Danilovic on Djokovic's elite mindset

It is not a secret that Djokovic is the Big Three group member that enjoys the least popularity.

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal receive far more support at tournaments, and whenever Djokovic plays those two, almost every time he has the full stadium turned against him. Danilovic recalled the 2019 Wimbledon final, when Djokovic saved two championship points en route to edging out Federer in an epic final.

Danilovic was asked whether she has noticed Djokovic not being very liked by crowds and if she's bothered by that. "Who hasn't (noticed)? If that doesn't bother him, obviously it doesn't bother him because he plays his best in those moments, then it doesn't me either.

I mean, I feel sorry because I don't think that's cool. I remember when Djokovic saved two match points in the 2019 Wimbledon final and afterward they asked him about the fans chanting 'Roger, Roger,' and he said all I heard was 'Nole, Nole.'

I mean, I think he is the only that can do that and that's why he is what he is today," Danilovic added. Djokovic has a serious demeanor and means business when he is on the court, but he is often described by others as a very chill person off the court.

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