'I hope that Novak Djokovic plays', says expert

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'I hope that Novak Djokovic plays', says expert

It will be one of the main unknowns in the coming weeks and there is a lot of curiosity to know if Novak Djokovic, winner of 21 Grand Slam tournaments and one of the best athletes in history, will be able to participate in the US Open, the last Slam tournament in this 2022.

The current runner-up sees his presence in danger due to his decision not to get vaccinated against Covid-19, a situation that also forced him to miss the Australian Open, a tournament in which he starred in a long tirade.

Here the situation is different and the Serb is unlikely to be at the event, but there are many who are waiting for this possibility. Nole is considered the strongest tennis player on the concrete and the big favorite to win the tournament, but his presence seems quite complicated.

Several people, from the tennis world and beyond, have lined up in recent weeks in favor of the Balkan champion. Tennis legend John McEnroe spoke into the microphones of "OutKick" giving a very clear opinion on the matter: "I think it's !"#$a.

I really think he should be allowed to play the tournament. My personal opinion, I speak as a person vaccinated with a booster dose, is that everyone should have freedom of choice in this decision. He has won many more Slams than me and this decision of his should be respected, maybe this extra drive of his in things like this could be one of the things that makes him so great.

Everyone has their own opinion of him and he has always been true to his opinions, he has every right to hold them. He is one of the best tennis players in history, he takes precautions for his body and it is frustrating to see that someone like him cannot enter our country.

It's unfortunate, but unfortunately these are government rules. I don't agree with them at all, but you have to respect them."

Sikora reflects on Djokovic

The newest member to show support for 21-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic is British physician and oncologist Karol Sikora.

According to him, it's Djokovic's choice whether he wants to get the vaccine or not. Sikora suggests that banning players for not getting an inefficient vaccine is "wrong." "Novak Djokovic made a decision not to get vaccinated - his choice.

Sadly, we know that the vaccine doesn't prevent the virus from spreading in any significant way. Banning him, and others, from entering certain countries based on that decision is wrong. I hope that he plays," Sikora tweeted.