'It's Novak Djokovic's choice whether he wants to...', says expert

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'It's Novak Djokovic's choice whether he wants to...', says expert

Superman star Dean Cain agrees with John McEnroe that not allowing Novak Djokovic to compete at the US Open is "bull----" In an interview with Outkick, McEnroe weighed in on the possibility of Djokovic missing out. the US Open only because of his vaccination status.

The United States no longer requires a negative COVID-19 test result upon entering the country, but continues to require foreign travelers to show proof of dual vaccination. Because of this, Djokovic will probably miss his second Grand Slam in 2022.

"Because it IS BS," Cain tweeted. "Well, first of all, I think it's BS," McEnroe told Outkick. "That's what I think. He should be allowed to play. My personal opinion is that I have been vaccinated, I have given myself the booster vaccine, and that depends on each one.

If I were him and I'm not, you know, he's won a lot more Majors than I have and it's because he's dug in and found that will that very few people in any sport have found. That's part of what has made him so great. He stands firm and has every right to make the decision "Djokovic has not been very optimistic about his chances of being able to compete at the US Open.

After winning Wimbledon, Djokovic returned home. When his coach, Goran Ivanisevic, was asked about Djokovic's chances of competing at the US Open, the coach said there is a better chance of seeing him win this year in Umag than Djokovic being allowed to play at Flushing Meadows.

Nadal is expected to compete at the US Open and Djokovic would no doubt prefer to be there and try not to allow the Spaniard to win his record 23rd Grand Slam.

Nole Djokovic is waiting

The newest member to show support for 21-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic is British physician and oncologist Karol Sikora.

According to him, it's Djokovic's choice whether he wants to get the vaccine or not. Sikora suggests that banning players for not getting an inefficient vaccine is "wrong." "Novak Djokovic made a decision not to get vaccinated - his choice.

Sadly, we know that the vaccine doesn't prevent the virus from spreading in any significant way. Banning him, and others, from entering certain countries based on that decision is wrong. I hope that he plays," Sikora tweeted.

The agency lifted multiple restrictions and asserted that vaccinated and unvaccinated people should be treated equally since both groups are likely to catch and spread the coronavirus.